Meet Our Members

The Harvey Ambulance Service held its first organizational meeting on March 29, 1971. At that meeting the first set of officers were elected by its charter members. Since then not only has the personnel changed but so has its equipment, technology, and ambulances. Its current officers include Wayne Fahy as President, Dolores Stolz as Vice-President, Alicia Olson as Secretary, and Shelly Helm as Treasurer.

Ashley Appelt

Level: First Responder

Laurie Brodehl

Joined: 2010

Occupation: Paramedic

Hobbies: Spending time with family, going to school activities, married with 5 children

Level: Paramedic/ALS

Why you joined HAS: When asked by town for help and fell in love with it.

Favorite part of EMS: The amazing people I work with every shift and being able to make a living doing something I love. Also being able to help people when they need it most.

Photo of Marla Countess
Marla Countess

Joined: 2006


Hobbies: Sewing, cooking, caring for my animals

Level: Paramedic

Why you joined HAS: I joined HAS because I knew there was a need in the community and I wanted to help my friends and neighbors by giving back to them. As 2001 transplants from the south, the community welcomed us and made us feel like we belonged.

Favorite part of EMS: My favorite part of EMS is helping the patients and their families when they need it the most. Just being there, giving quality care, a warm smile and comforting words to the patient and their family members gives them a sense of well being and me a warm heart. There is no greater calling than to love and help our fellow man."

Photo of Monte Countess
Monte Countess

Joined: 2007

Occupation: Sales/Farming

Hobbies: Farming and tinkering with projects

Level: Driver

Why you joined HAS: I joined HAS as a driver to help ease the needs of the community we serve. My wife and daughter are paramedics and as a driver I can serve the area and the service by making those out of town transfers. The added bonus is the time I get to spend with my family on the return trip.

Favorite part of EMS: The smiles we get from the patients and their families.

Photo of Taylor Countess
Taylor Countess

Level: Paramedic

Eric Demory
Eric has been a member of the Harvey ambulance since the age of 18, being a Paramedic for the last 5. He has since went on to further his education becoming a nurse. He will graduate in May 2012, becoming an RN and working in the ICU at Trinity in Minot. He currently lives in Minot with his wife Sascha.

Philip Dyck

Level: Paramedic/ALS

Wayne Fahy

Year Joined: 1999

Occupation: Paramedic at St. Aloisius Medical Center

Hobbies: Teaching, watching my kids sporting events.

Level: Paramedic/ALS

Why you joined HAS: I joined the ambulance service as a way to give back to my community that has done so much for me. Once I was involved I realized that I could do more to help the patients that we respond to so I moved up the ladder and became a paramedic.

Favorite part of EMS: the joy of knowing that I did everything I could, to help someone in need.

David Gallagher

Year Joined: 2011

Occupation: Pastor – Martin Baptist Church, Dad to 2 teenage guys, Hubbie to Angela G.

Hobbies: Understanding what makes our kids tick! Bird-Watching

Level: EVOC (0) (Hope to add 1st Resp. this year)

Why you joined HAS: (1) Shortage of transfer drivers last year, (2) want to assist in local medical emergencies more, and (3) meet more people in the community.

Favorite part of EMS: The ride home after a successful call. The team! How diverse can you get?!

Doug Helm

Year Joined: 1984

Occupation: AutoBody Owner

Hobbies: Hunting, riding motorcycle, yard work with my BobCat

Level: NREMT-P

Why you joined HAS: To give back something to the community that has supported me and my business for so many years.

Favorite part of EMS: The close bonds between crew members are like a second family and coming into people's lives at their worst times and playing a positive impact on their outcome.

Shelly Helm

Year Joined: 1986

Occupation: Self-Employed – Owner Doug's AutoBody, Harvey Ambulance Treasurer

Hobbies: Working on my yard

Level: EMT-I

Why you joined HAS: My father, Ernest Hanson, was a charter member and I wanted to carry on the tradition.

Favorite part of EMS: Working with fellow EMS, they're like a second family.

Mary Jund

Year Joined: 2007

Occupation: Athletic Trainer/Paramedic

Hobbies: Working outside, crafts, riding motorcycle

Level: Paramedic/ALS

Why you joined HAS: To get involved in the community and give back.

Favorite part of EMS: Working as a team and helping people!

Dusty Kost

Year Joined: 2000

Occupation: Farmer/Trucker

Hobbies: Camping, Fishing, Hunting, Family Activities

Level: First Responder

Why you joined HAS: Love helping people and the look on their faces when the Ambulance arrives.

Favorite part of EMS: The good feeling that you get when someone gives you a hug or a handshake and says "you saved our life and without you we wouldn't be here."

Angie Mack

Year Joined: 2006

Occupation: Sign Maker, Wife and Mom

Hobbies: Fishing, hunting, gardening, quilting, 4-wheeling, kayaking, spending lotsa time with my hubby and kiddos

Level of Training: NREMT-I85

Why did you join HAS: To be there for people in their time of need.

Best part about HAS?: Being able to help, the hugs and thank yous

Scott Mack

Year Joined: 2003

Occupation: CP Rail, Conductor

Hobbies: Tinkering in the shop, yardwork

Level of Training: First Responder

Why did you join HAS: To give back to the community

Best part about HAS?: Taking care of the Ambulances so they are in tip-top working order at any given time.

Karla McKinven

Year Joined: 2006 (is that right?)

Occupation: EMT-I

Hobbies: photography, reading, crafts, crocheting, facebook, travel, bird watching, and shopping (more of an addiction!)

Level of Training: EMT-I

Why did you join HAS: I love helping people and working in the medical field.

Best part about HAS?: The bonding friendships, support of fellow volunteers, and giving our highest quality of care to each patient is what makes our service very special to me! We have excellent leadership and I am proud to be a member of our service.

Andy Melton

Level: First Responder

Derek Nickelson

Level: First Responder

Charles Nyhus

Level: Medical Director

Alicia Olson

Year Joined: 2008

Occupation: Owner at Shawn's Electric, Inc.

Hobbies: Reading, Scrapbooking, Playing with my son,

Level: EMT-Basic

Why you joined HAS: I had always wanted to be in the medical field, and love the fast pace of emergency medicine compared to working in a hospital or clinic.

Favorite part of EMS: I love being able to help people, not just on an ambulance call, but also in everyday life. I also love that the people we help recognize us and are grateful that our town has an excellent ambulance service.

Dave Prince

Level: Driver

Linda Prince


Dan Reich

Year Joined: 2011

Occupation: Sheridan County Deputy

Hobbies: Bonfires, hunting, fishing, spearing

Level: EMT

Why you joined HAS: I worked on an ALS Ambulance in Minnesota and wanted to get back on an ALS service. I also wanted to continue learning and training in EMS. Also I wanted to be on a service that serves a portion of the county I patrol.

Favorite part of EMS: Working with friendly coworkers who are well educated.

Brenda Reimche
I was born at St. Aloisius Hospital, Harvey, ND and raised on a farm south of Chaseley. I graduated from Bowdon Public School and Bismarck Junior College in 1977 with a degree in Secretarial/Bookkeeping. Married my wonderful husband in 1979 and became the mother of Amanda in 1982 and Eric in 1985, who are both married and have children. My first job was with The National Bank of Harvey in 1977 and then became a stay at home mom and farmwife. In 1989, I began working with Lien Auction & Realty as a sale clerk until 2009. I am currently working back at The National Bank of Harvey as a part-time bookkeeper/teller. I enjoy farming and ranching with my husband and family, and my hobby is decorating cakes and enjoying time with our 3 grandchildren.
Why did I become and EMT and a part of the Harvey Ambulance Service?
It begins when I came upon and accident close to Martin on my way to work one morning. It was a Semi-Trailer and a small car. Shonella Lemer and I arrived at the same time and I had not a clue how to help even tho she tried to tell me and I did do a few things. The Ambulance crew showed up and then I took her daughter to school and went to work. Then I was at the St. Aloisius Fitness Center and someone's pager was going off constantly for a driver to do an ambulance transfer. Of course, I started asking questions about being a driver and before I knew it, I was taking the First Responder Class with Wayne Fahy, who in turn talked me into becoming and EMT. I was sure that idea was a mistake, but I made it through thick and thin. I learned important medical things and how important they can be when it comes to helping someone in need. I may not be able to do everything that a Paramedic does, but sometimes the little things that can be done in the beginning may save someone in need. This is why I have been a part of the Harvey Ambulance Service for 6 years and help as much as I can, which is not always easy with work and farming.

Keith Reinowski

Year Joined: 2001

Occupation: Midwest Graphics & Signs, Farming

Hobbies: Driving

Level: First Responder

Why you joined HAS: To help out people in the community

Favorite part of EMS: Driving

Melissa Schimke

Level: EMT-B

Scott Spear

Year Joined: 2008

Occupation: Agricultural Technician

Hobbies: Riding my Harley and shooting my guns

Level: First Responder

Why you joined HAS: To help my community

Favorite part of EMS: Being able to help people and working with all the great people on the service.

Dolores Stolz

Joined: 1992

Occupation: Home computer operator

Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, camping, motorcycle riding

Level: NREMT-B

Why you joined HAS: Love of helping a fellow man

Favorite part of EMS: The unknown

Jay Stolz

Joined: 1992

Occupation: Railroad Carman

Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, camping, motorcycling

Level: NREMT-B

Why you joined HAS: Interested in helping people

Favorite part of EMS: Helping people

Kerry Susag

Level: First Responder

Tammie Susag

Level: EMT-B/LPN